• Proposition 86 Would Reduce Smoking, Fund Health Care, Cover All Children
  • New “Yes on 86” Ads Airing Statewide
  • ACTION ITEM: Voter Registration Deadline Fast Approaching
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Election Day is only 19 days away and California voters will have the opportunity to vote on a measure that would expand health coverage to all children, as well as reduce smoking and fund other key health care services.

NEW REPORT: A new paper by the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research reports on the status of children’s health coverage, and shows how Prop. 86 would cover 85 percent of uninsured children currently not eligible for any other program.

The report shows that currently,

  • California has 763,000 uninsured children.
  • Of those, around half, 447,000 are eligible for either Healthy Families or Medi-Cal, but the other half are not.
  • The report indicates that an additional 97,000 were eligible for county-based Healthy Kids program, although many of these program have unstable funding or already have waiting lists. 219,000 children were even eligible for any public programs.

If Prop. 86 passes,

  • 269,000 children would become eligible for Healthy Families.
  • Other children who live in families with incomes above 300% of poverty could qualify for a “pilot’’ Healthy Families program.
  • In addition to direct benefits of expanding eligibility, health advocates have argued that the best way to make enroll already-eligible (but hard to reach) children is as part of a comprehensive push for universal coverage. The experience in the county programs is that an expansion to “all kids” makes outreach and enrollment efforts easier and ultimately, more successful.

To read the report, visit:

NEW “Yes on Prop 86” COMMERCIALS

Two new “Yes on 86” ads are currently airing throughout the state and will continue to run until November 7th. The ads are viewable at YouTube, at:

These ads are also running on the home page of the “Yes on Prop 86” Web site, rotating spots every two days. Visit:


Make sure you and your friends, family and colleagues are registered to vote. The deadline to register to vote in California is this Monday, October 23. For more information and instructions on registering to vote, visit


Join the phone banking effort and encourage fellow voters to support Prop. 86. Visit the website to find a phone banking site in your area.

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