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  • Business Democrats targeted.
  • ACTION ITEM: Call business-oriented Democrats and urge passage of AB2281.

Insurers have made killing AB2281 (Chan) their TOP PRIORITY and are aggressively lobbying business-friendly Democrats.

The bill could come up for a vote on the Assembly Floor as early as THURSDAY, May 25th.

AB2281 would restrict annual out-of-pocket expenses on high-deductible insurance plans to $5,250 a year for individuals, $10,500 for families.

Without these restrictions, Blue Cross admits 1.5 million Blue Cross members would continue to face unlimited out-of-pocket costs, even AFTER their deductible is met.

Don’t delay.

Call up moderately minded Democrats in your area that are top targets of business lobbyists and urge passage of AB2281.

For questions or more information on AB2281, please contact Hanh Kim Quach, policy coordinator. 916.497-0923 x 206 or hquach@health-access.org.

Health Access California promotes quality, affordable health care for all Californians.
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