Friday, January 7th, 2005


  • Smaller memberships for committees, including for health, budget, and appropriations

As announced today by Speaker Fabian Nunez (D-46, Los Angeles) as well as Assembly Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-32, Bakersfield), below are the lists of the new memberships of the Assembly committees of interest to consumer health advocates. They include the Assembly Health Committee, the Assembly Budget Committee, and the Assembly Appropriations Committee:

Health Committee: 13 members (need 7 votes to pass legislation out of committee)

Assemblymember Wilma Chan, Chair (D-16, Oakland)

Assemblymember Patty Berg (D-1, Santa Rosa)

Assemblymember Rebecca Cohn (D-24, San Jose)

Assemblymember Mervyn Dymally (D-52, Compton)

Assemblymember Dario Frommer (D-43, Glendale)

Assemblymember Mike Gordon (D-53, Torrance)

Assemblymember Dave Jones (D-9, Sacramento)

Assemblymember Cindy Montañez (D-39, Mission Hills)

Assemblymember Gloria Negrete McLeod (D-61, Montclair)

Assemblymember Greg Aghazarian, Vice Chair (R-26 Stockton)

Assemblymember Alan Nakanishi (R-10, Lodi)

Assemblymember Keith Richman (R-38, Granada Hills)

Assemblymember Audra Strickland (R-37, Westlake Village)

Budget Subcommittee #1 on Health and Human Services: 5 members

Assemblymember Hector De La Torre, Chair (D-50, South Gate)

Assemblymember Loni Hancock (D-14, El Cerrito)

Assemblymember Gene Mullin (D-19, San Mateo)

Assemblymember Dave Cogdill (R-25, Modesto)

Assemblymember Rick Keene (R-3, Chico)

Budget Committee: 25 members

Assemblymember John Laird, Chair (D-27, Santa Cruz)

Assemblymember Juan Arambula (D-31, Fresno)

Assemblymember Rudy Bermúdez (D-56, Norwalk)

Assemblymember Wilma Chan (D-15, Oakland)

Assemblymember Joe Coto (D-23, San Jose)

Assemblymember Hector De La Torre (D-50, South Gate)

Assemblymember Mervyn Dymally (D-52, Compton)

Assemblymember Noreen Evans (D-7, Santa Rosa)

Assemblymember Jackie Goldberg (D-45, Los Angeles)

Assemblymember Loni Hancock (D-14, El Cerrito)

Assemblymember Cindy Montanez (D-39, Mission Hills)

Assemblymember Gene Mullin (D-19, San Mateo)

Assemblymember Pedro Nava (D-35, Santa Barbara)

Assemblymember Nicole Parra (D-30, Bakersfield)

Assemblymember Fran Pavley (D-41, Woodland Hills)

Assemblymember Lois Wolk (D-8, Vacaville)

Assemblymember Rick Keene, Vice Chair (R-3, Chico)

Assemblymember John Benoit (R-64, Riverside)

Assemblymember Sam Blakeslee (R-33, San Luis Obispo)

Assemblymember Dave Cogdill (R-25, Modesto)

Assemblymember Chuck DeVore (R-70, Irvine)

Assemblymember Lynn Daucher (R-72, Brea)

Assemblymember Bob Huff (R-60, City of Industry)

Assemblymember George Plescia (R-75, San Diego)

Assemblymember Michael Villines (R-29, Fresno)

Appropriations Committee: 18 members

Assemblymember Judy Chu, Chair (D-49, Monterey Park)

Assemblymember Karen Bass (D-47, Los Angeles)

Assemblymember Patty Berg (D-1, Santa Rosa)

Assemblymember Ron Calderon (D-58, Montebello)

Assemblymember Mike Gordon (D-53, Torrance)

Assemblymember Johan Klehs (D-18, Hayward)

Assemblymember Betty Karnette (D-54, Long Beach)

Assemblymember Mark Leno (D-13, San Francisco)

Assemblymember Joe Nation (D-6, San Rafael)

Assemblymember Jenny Oropeza (D-55, Carson)

Assemblymember Mark Ridley-Thomas (D-48, Los Angeles)

Assemblymember Lori Saldaña (D-76, San Diego)

Assemblymember Leland Yee (D-12, San Francisco)

Assemblymember Sharon Runner, Vice Chair (R-36, Lancaster)

Assemblymember Bill Emmerson (R-63, Rancho Cucamonga)

Assemblymember Ray Haynes (R-66, Temecula)

Assemblymember Alan Nakanishi (R-10, Lodi)

Assemblymember Mimi Walters (R-73, Laguna Niguel)


* Medi-Cal redesign briefings scheduled

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will unveil his proposed budget for 2005-06 on Monday, which is expected to include a “Medi-Cal redesign,” and other items, including other cuts to health and other vital services. Health Access will put out an quick analysis as soon as possible, as well as ongoing updates on responses to the budget. Some actions and events are already being scheduled, and will be on the Health and Budget Advocacy Calendar, at:

After the budget is released, the Administration will hold briefings for “stakeholders” on the Medi-Cal redesign proposal in both Sacramento and in Los Angeles. The briefing will be conducted by Kimberly Belshé, Secretary of the California Health and Human Services Agency and Sandra Shewry, Director of the California Department of Health Services. The briefing will include a presentation on the Redesign proposal followed by a public “Question and Answer” session. The identical briefings will be:

  • SACRAMENTO: Thursday, January 13, 2005; at the Department of Health Services Auditorium, 1500 Capitol Avenue, Sacramento, California 95814. Time: 1:00pm – 3:00pm.
  • LOS ANGELES: Friday, January 21, 2005; at the Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration, Los Angeles County Board of Supervisor’s Board Room 500, West Temple Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012-2713. Time: 1:00pm – 3:00pm.

The Governor expects and will get a vigorous response to his budget proposals, as he cited in his State of the State speech: “And we all know what’s going to happen. The special interests will run TV ads calling me cruel and heartless. They will organize protests out in front of the Capitol. They will try to say I don’t understand the consequences of these decisions. Let me tell you something. I am well aware there are lives behind the numbers.” Let the debate begin.

Health Access California promotes quality, affordable health care for all Californians.
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