Monday, August 9th, 2004


HEARINGS UPCOMING: The California Performance Review (CPR) Commission will start a series of hearings this Friday at UC-Riverside to hear comments about their proposals. According to their web site ( “At this hearing the topics to be discussed will include: Transportation; Hospital, Housing and School Construction; Water and Energy.”

Of particular interest to health advocates, the AUGUST 20th HEARING at the UC-SAN DIEGO will be from 10:00 to 4:00p.m., and focus on Health and Human Services, Education, Training and Volunteerism.

NEW ANALYSES: For those who haven’t had a chance to read the 2,500+ page report, here are two 10-page analyses. Health Access has a new version of our CPR “Summary and Initial Comment for Health Advocates” available at our web site, at:

The California Budget Project has also released their analysis, “Soup to Nuts: An Analysis of Selected Recommendations…” at

HEALTH ADVOCATE MEETING: With the Secretary of Health and Human Services asking for comment on the CPR proposals, and the public hearing coming up, health advocates will meet to discuss the report, share their analysis, and explore common efforts this WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 11th, in SACRAMENTO, at 10:00-11:45am.

Refreshments will be provided. Please RSVP to Louise Jones, Health Access, at, or 916-497-0923. There will be a call-in line available. For those in Sacramento, the meeting will end well before the Senate Health and Human Services Committee, chaired by Senator Deborah Ortiz, that focus on Medi-Cal redesign, as well as a full agenda of legislation.


The Health Access web site also has the final Health Cuts Scorecard, indicating what was proposed and adopted in this last 2004-05 budget, as well as previous years of our current budget crisis. It is available at:

Health Access California promotes quality, affordable health care for all Californians.
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