RUNNING FOR GOVERNOR? Questions for Candidates about Health Care

California has made important strides in the last several years in health care, from instituting a strong HMO Patients’ Bill of Rights to expanding health care to over a million children. But many daunting challenges remain. All who seek to be Governor of California should answer the following questions about current health care issues that are now pending in Sacramento.

Budget Fairness:

To address the budget crisis, would you cut Medi-Cal eligibility? Healthy Families eligibility?

To address the budget crisis, would you cut Medi-Cal benefits?

To address the budget crisis, would you seek to reduce the number of people on Medi-Cal?

To address the budget crisis, would you reduce Medi-Cal provider rates?

To address the budget crisis, would you cut funding to public hospitals? community clinics?

Do you support raising revenues to prevent severe cuts to health and other vital services?

In order to prevent further cuts, do you support restoring the upper tax brackets to 1995 levels?

In order to prevent further cuts, do you support maintaining the current vehicle license fee?

In order to prevent further cuts, do you support an increase in the tobacco tax?

In order to prevent further cuts, do you support an increase in the sales tax?

Expanding Coverage:

Do you support expanding the Healthy Families program to cover not just children but parents as well?

Do you support expanding Medi-Cal and other programs to cover more working families?

Would you eliminate the administrative barriers that prevent many from getting and staying on Medi-Cal?

Would you eliminate semi-annual reporting requirements in Medi-Cal?

Would you eliminate the asset test in Medi-Cal that prevents low-income families from savings?

Do you support requiring employers to provide health care to their workers?

Would you sign SB 2 (Burton)?

Do you support universal health care coverage?

Would you sign SB 921 (Kuehl)?

Consumer and Cost Protections:

Do you support consumer protections for self-pay hospital patients, including those against overbilling?

Would you sign AB 232 (Chan)?

Do you support having hospitals disclose their financial data?

Would you sign AB1627 (Frommer)? AB 1629 (Frommer)?

Do you support disclosing the fiscal solvency of medical groups?

Would you have signed AB1213 (Vargas)?

Do you support requiring prescription drug companies to disclose gifts they give health providers?

Would you have signed AB 103 (Reyes)?

Do you support policies that would shift the cost of health care onto consumers and workers?

Do you support setting standards for HMOs for cultural and linguistically competent care?

Would you sign SB 853 (Escutia)?

Would you set strong, enforceable standards for HMOs to provide timely access to care?

Would you enforce the current laws against HMOs that seek to deny medically necessary care?


Do you support Proposition 54, an information ban on racial data sponsored by Ward Connerly,

making it harder to investigate and solve public health problems?

Do you support Proposition 53, to further set aside a portion of the budget for infrastructure projects,

furthering reducing funds available for health care and other vital services?

Do you support the Budget Accountability Act to reform the budget process,

to make legislators more accountable for timely and responsible budgets?

For more info, contact Anthony Wright, Executive Director, Health Access California, at 916-442-2308, or Also, check out our website:

Health Access California promotes quality, affordable health care for all Californians.
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