Tuesday, May 27, 2003


* BELOW is a CALENDAR of activities of interest to health advocates. Note tomorrow’s HMO Consumer Advocacy Symposium in Sacramento, and the two upcoming briefings, in both Sacramento and Los Angeles, by the Packard Foundation on “Health Insurance for Children,” which will feature key discussions for health advocates.

* Another important is the PRESS CONFERENCE scheduled for next MONDAY, JUNE 2nd, at 9:30am at the State Capitol in Sacramento. Legislators, such as Assembly Majority Leader Wilma Chan, and organizations, such as AARP and Health Access California, will urge the passage of the Governor’s revenue package and full restoration of the upper tax brackets to prevent the proposed Medi-Cal cuts now and in the future.

* ACTION #1: Please RETURN THE ATTACHED SIGN-ON FORM ASAP, by the end of the week, so that we may have strong organizational support for the revenues needed to prevent health cuts.

* ACTION #2: Please ATTEND THE PRESS CONFERENCE to show your organization’s visible support for the upper tax brackets. Attendees should come by at 9:15am on Monday, June 2nd.

* ATTACHED is a short (one-page, two-sided) version of the Health Care Budget Cuts SCORECARD, that only includes those cuts included in the Governor’s May Revision of the Budget, and the Legislature’s actions to date. Please contact Health Access for a copy of the expanded scorecard, which includes the fate of proposed cuts last year and in mid-year reductions.


* Wed. May 28th: SYMPOSIUM: “Putting the Pieces Together” HMO Consumer Advocacy Symposium, sponsored by the Office of Patient Advocate. Sacramento Convention Center. For registration, call 1-916-608-8686 or visit

* BRIEFING AND POLICY DISCUSSION: “Health Insurance for Children,” sponsored by The David and Lucile Packard Foundation. Discussion with the contributing authors of the Foundation’s most recent journal issue of The Future of Children. 10:00am-12noon. Informational flyer ATTACHED. Limited travel awards may be available to facilitate attendance at these meetings. To RSVP, contact

* SACRAMENTO: Friday, May 10th: California State Capitol, Room 4203.

* LOS ANGELES: Monday, June 9th: UCLA Campus

* Mon. June 2nd: PRESS CONFERENCE: Legislators and organizations show support for the full restoration of the upper tax brackets in order to prevent proposed Medi-Cal cuts. Governor’s Press Room, State Capitol, Sacramento. 9:30am. To RSVP, contact Anthony Wright, 916-442-2308,

* Thu. June 5th: CONFERENCE: “Keeping All of California Moving: Exploring the Links Between Transportation, Social Equity and Public Health.” Keynote speaker is John Ferrara, Assistant Secretary for Business, Transportation and Housing Agency. Presented by the California Alliance for Transportation Choices. 8:0am-4:00pm. Sierra Health Foundation, 1321 Garden Highway, Sacramento. To register, call Odyssey at 916-448-1687 x 313, or E-mail

Anthony E. Wright

Executive Director

Health Access

1127 11th St., #234, Sacramento, CA 95814

Ph: 916-442-2308, Fx: 916-497-0921

Health Access California promotes quality, affordable health care for all Californians.
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