Saturday, August 31, 2002

If Baseball Can Agree On A Deal, Can The California Legislature?

* NO BUDGET YET: Despite many rumors suggesting that a budget proposal would be considered on Friday, the Assembly adjourned early Saturday morning without taking up a budget deal. The Assembly reconvenes at 11:00am on Saturday for the last day of regular session. The Senate will reconvene at 10:30am. Both houses will be busy considering pending bills that need to pass by midnight, Saturday, August 31st.

* DEAL POSSIBLE, WOULD INVOLVE CUTS: While speculation around the budget was wide-ranging and even contradictory, there are a couple of key pieces of note:

* There is clearly a desire between Assembly Republicans and the Assembly leadership to agree to a budget deal before the end of the Saturday session. If not, the Legislature would have to return, most likely after Labor Day, for the express purpose of discussing a budget and related items.

* Any deal in the works will probably involve additional budget cuts, including in health care. Whether it is an across-the-board cut, or a specific amount of list of cuts, it is unclear how much would be cut in health care or any specific area, and what specific cuts would be made.

Health advocates should be concerned about proposed budget cuts–which were restored in earlier deliberations–resurfacing in a final budget deal.

“Not Just a Budget, A Just Budget.”

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