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* MEDIA MENTIONS: Below is a comprehensive list of the media mentions we collectively garnered from Monday’s press conference of 100 organizations in support of upper tax bracket restoration. This includes significant print, television, and radio mentions, some as the lead of the story, some as part of a larger article on the budget deliberations.

* ACCOLADES: Thanks to all organizations for signing on and coming to the press event! We had over 125 organizations signed on, over 70 people attend and pack the stage, representing over 40 distinct organizations in person. Accolades should go to Jean Ross and Rebecca Gonzales of the California Budget Project, and Jeanine Meyer Rodriguez, Gina Bowers and Diane Edmundson of SEIU State Council, who organized this press conference with Health Access and the many other organizations who actively participated. The speakers did a fabulous job, led by the moderation of Scott Anderson of the California Council of Churches, and including Helen Russ of AARP California, Eric Wooten of the League of Women Voters California, Jan Harpe Domene of the California State PTA, and Viola Gonzales of Latino Issues Forum. Special kudos again to Jean Ross from the California Budget Project for answering the tough questions. Gracias to MALDEF, Consumers Union, National Council of La Raza, and Latino Issues Forum, for preparing language for and fielding questions from Spanish-language media.

* THE CONTINUING LIST: We are continuing to build the list of organizations in support of upper tax bracket restoration. We need to continue the drumbeat for increased revenues to prevent severe cuts, and we will let reporters and others know when we reach 200 organizations and other milestones. If you know of other organizations that are not yet on the list, please get them to either fill out the endorsement form, or to E-mail, to Health Access or California Budget Project, their support and permission to have their organizational name used in press materials. Please see the list of supporters as of June 14.

* PRAYER VIGIL: Earlier today, Wednesday, was the first of several weekly prayer vigils for a just budget meeting at noon in the Capitol Rotunda. A huge supporter of Monday’s event, the Religious Coalition for a Just Budget is sponsoring the vigils. It is made up of California Council of Churches/California Church IMPACT, California Catholic Conference, Friends Committee on Legislation, utheran Office of Public Policy, and JERICHO: An Interfaith Voice for Justice. If you don’t already have a “Not Just a Budget… A Just Budget” ribbon, it’s the hip item that you should get and start wearing! The next vigils are Wednesdays, June 24 and July 3.

* LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: If every organization in support of increased revenues can produce just one letter to the editor to a local newspaper, that would generate over 125 letters and make a difference on the state’s editorial pages. If you want sample language beyond the attached press release and previously distributed talking points, please let us know.

* IDENTIFYING SUPPORTIVE UPPER-INCOME TAXPAYERS: In addition to building organizational support, we are seeking alifornians in the upper tax bracket ($130,000 for an individual; $260,000 for a married couple) who will sign a letter in support of upper tax bracket restoration to prevent severe cuts.

If you know of donors, friends, colleagues, or others who fit into this category (or know others themselves) that may be supportive, please have them visit We have sent out an E-mail alert that you can forward, and let us know if you want to follow up.

* REPUBLICANS: At the end of this process, a passed budget will require a Republican Senator and 4 Republican Assemblymembers to vote in support. To the extent your organization has a presence in Republican districts, please (if you haven’t already) gear up any potential grassroots mobilization (phone calls, letters, faxes, etc) to tell Republican members to vote for a just budget, one that increases revenues to prevent the worst of the proposed cuts.

* OTHER FOLLOW-UP: The event Monday was the beginning of the campaign, not the end. Many organizations, including but certainly not limited to Health Access, will be forthcoming with additional follow-up activities.

Contra Costa Times 06-18-02 by Andrew LaMar

**Church coalition urges new top-bracket tax rate

Ventura County Star 06-18-02 by Timm Herdt

**Tax-the-rich suggestion sent to state’s budget committee,1375,VCS_226_1214969,00.html

San Gabriel Valley Tribune 06-18-02 by Chris Rizo

**Groups call for tax hike on top earners

Sacramento Bee 06-18-02 by John Hill

**Davis seeks a bigger budget reserve

San Francisco Chronicle 06-18-02 by Lynda Gledhill

**Davis to ask for more budget cuts

Governor wants another $1 billion trimmed to ease shortfall

La Opinion 06-18-02 by Victoria Keith

**Proponen subir impuestos a los ricos

Los Angeles Times 06-15-02 by Julie Tamaki

**Democrats See Need for More Tax Increases

(Note: Julie Tamaki at the LA Times attended but did not report on the event, having already mentioned the alliance in this Saturday article.)

Electronic media in attendance at the event on Monday included the following:

Capital TV News Service (CTNS)

KXTV-TV (ABC) Channel 10

KOVR-TV (CBS) Channel 13

KTXL-TV (FOX) Channel 40

KCRA-TV (NBC) Channel 3

KUVS-TV (Univision) Channel 19


Capital Public Radio

Below is a summary of the report from the monitoring service. Please note: they were unable to track stations that could have pulled the story from CTNS.

June 17

KXTV-TV (ABC) 6:00 p.m.

KXTV-TV (ABC) 11:00 p.m.

KOVR-TV (CBS) 6:00 p.m.

KTXL-TV (FOX) 10:00 p.m.

KXJZ-FM NPR 5:30 p.m. The California Capitol Report

June 18

KXJZ-FM NPR 5:30 a.m. The California Capitol Report

KXJZ-FM NPR 6:00 a.m. The California Capitol Report

KXJZ-FM NPR 7:30 a.m. The California Capitol Report

KXJZ-FM NPR 8:00 a.m. The California Capitol Report

Reports show that although KCRA-TV (NBC) Channel 3 was at the event, they devoted their braodcast time to the crash of the fire fighting airplane and that KUVS-TV (Univision) Channel 19 devoted their time to soccer coverage.

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