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Limiting Cost Growth While Improving Quality and Outcomes

Californians have long felt they are paying more and getting less when it comes to health care. Health Access supports reforms to slow the rate of growth in overall health care costs, while improving quality, outcomes, and equity. Through transparency and better oversight of health care spending at every level of the health system—health plans, hospitals, medical groups, drug companies, etc.-- we can get better value for our money, for individual consumers and for the system as a whole.

Despite the widespread concern about health care costs, there’s comparatively little information about how we spend our health care dollars. Which health plans are doing the best job at managing care and supporting wellness for their enrollees?  How are we doing as a state on the Quadruple Aim objectives (better care, healthier populations, lower costs, health equity)? Health Access advocates for increased transparency, from detailed data to inform purchasers and policymakers to report cards to help consumers make informed choices for their care and coverage.

For Californians that have a choice of plans, transparency tools may be helpful for sorting through choices of plans and providers. Just as importantly, research confirms that when health outcomes and results are publicly reported, providers work harder to ensure higher quality. Health Access supports efforts to make such data more publicly available so that purchasers of health care and consumers may be better equipped to choose among plans, providers, and procedures. 


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Founded in 1987, Health Access is the statewide health care consumer advocacy coalition advocating for quality, affordable health care for all Californians. Our agenda includes:

  • Expanding Coverage: Implementing and improving upon health reform.
  • Fighting for a Fair Budget for the Future: Protecting public investments to preserve access to care.
  • Protecting Consumers: Ensuring consumer representation and protection.

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