14 California Congressmembers Vote to Slash CA’s Health Care–And Potentially Raise Taxes on CA, Too

On a strict party-line vote among the California delegation, the House of Representatives earlier today voted 216-212 for a federal budget resolution which includes massive cuts to health and other vital services, and sets the stage for a so-called tax cut package that may well raise taxes for many Californians. Constituents held events in front […] Read More

Fact-Checking Breitbart

Today we are quoted in Breitbart, the President’s favorite source for news, in a story about two health care bills that Health Access either sponsored or was the main supporter. Since we know something about the subject, we humbly offer this fact-check of the article. It’s almost impressive how the article is mistaken and/or misleading in […] Read More

Over 100 CA Groups Urge CA Representatives to Denounce Anti-CA Graham-Cassidy

  Today, over 100 health, consumer, and patient groups called on our California Congressmembers to denounce the new ACA repeal legislation by Republican Senators Lindsey Graham and Bill Cassidy, which would not just cut California’s budget and health system by tens of billions of dollars and leave over 6.7 million more Californians uninsured, but would […] Read More

Final Votes Tonight on Two Bills to Hold CA Health Consumers Harmless from Trump Sabotage

As of this writing, two important health consumer protection bills helping to blunt federal attacks on the individual market face final votes on the final day of the 2017 California Legislative session. The bills seek to protect California consumers from the actions of the Trump Administration seeking to undermine the success of the Affordable Care […] Read More

California Poised to Set National Policy on Prescription Drug Prices

Earlier this week, SB 17, by Senator Ed Hernandez, passed off the Senate floor on a concurrence vote, putting California only a Governor’s signature away from enacting nationally impactful prescription drug price reform. After receiving overwhelming bipartisan support heading out of the State Assembly, the State Senate also affirmed that addressing drug prices increases is a […] Read More

Challenges and Opportunities with Congress Back in Session

Congress is back in session today. The good news is that there are bipartisan hearings scheduled, with testimony from a group of bipartisan Governors who last week released a series of recommendations for improving the ACA, including funding the cost-sharing reductions, reinsurance, fixing the family glitch, aggressive outreach and enrollment, and more. The bad news […] Read More